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Quality in Higher Education

Higher education is a service. Defining quality in a service can be more difficult than defining quality for a product. Quality in service has to do with accomplishing objectives while at the same time satisfying the customers’ perceptions of the service. Delivering quality can be difficult as objectives and perceptions change as the needs for customers change.

Many colleges have departments dedicated to quality assessment and improvement, focused on the institution as a whole. Quality in college admissions is required to make sure the student and school are a good fit for each other. Ensuring the best fit between school and student improves retention and ensures that the student is prepared for the area of study. Students who become part of a degree program is a good fit helps in leading people into a good fit for future profession in the area that the student is pursuing their studies.

Institutional Effectiveness

There is an increased emphasis on institutional effectiveness for higher education. Institutional effectiveness measures the percentage of graduates that receive jobs within their field of study from each institution. The growing concern over institutional effectiveness comes from the combination of high unemployment rates, concerns with student loans, and the national level of student loans.

The use of institutional effectiveness gives students and schools a qualitative measure of quality among colleges. Colleges can benchmark their institutional effectiveness as compared to similar colleges. When superior results for a similar college are identified; other colleges can study that college as a model of how to improve their own institution. Higher education institutions can become aware of what programs are performing best in placing students into jobs after graduation; the results may indicate an area that the school can give more emphasis.

Quality in Advertising

Institutions can promote quality through advertising. Informing potential students how the college and degree programs attempt to achieve the potential students desires can achieve quality. For example if a student would like to become a mechanic, the school can illustrate how they are qualified to help a student become a mechanic. The advertisement could discuss the background of the college and the instructors. The advertisement could give examples of past students results after finishing the program. The ad could include information about the programs institutional effectiveness.

Colleges can proactively pursue students that are a good fit for the institution through accurate advertisements and promotions. The promotional material can take a bigger emphasis on what career the programs prepare the student for instead of promising career possibilities. Advertisements can be targeted the segment of students that would be ideal candidates for the program with information in promotional material that discusses the type of student the program was designed for.

The content of advertisements are of extreme importance to convey accurate information and set expectations for students and parents; however, where colleges advertise is of extreme importance also. It would be better for Seminaries (graduate school for pastors) should target people that are involved in a specific church or denomination. For the colleges that work with traditional students should advertise among young adults aged 16-20, where as schools geared towards non-traditional students would target an older demographic.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements can assist in ensuring proper alignment between the college and potential student. Admission requirements that help ensure proper alignment can include grade point average (GPA), assessment results, essays, reference letters, or experience. The college needs to understand their typical student and their challenges. Some colleges specialize in helping under prepared students excel through specialized programs to prepare those students for higher education programs and vocational aptitude. The college needs to define whom the school fits in demographic and academic terms.

An essay that requires the student to explain their motivation for applying to the school and why they are a good candidate allows the admissions counselor to make a judgment about institutional fit and at the same time allows the applicant to internalize and express how their goals align with the colleges. Essays can indicate the potential students ability to follow instructions for writing papers and indicate their grammatical ability. The entrance essay can indicate the student’s level of motivation, if the application process becomes delayed by the essay requirement that indicates that the student either needs encouragement, higher education support, or lacks the motivation to the complete the essay in a timely manner.

The GPA requirement can vary among schools depending on the degree and type of school. The requirement varies from a minimum GPA to be able to perform college level work to more specific transcript and grade requirements. The minimal purpose would be to not admit student who appear to be incapable of performing college level work an school policy that closely relates to entrance GPA. Other programs may need to see an overall good GPA in addition to specific grades and types of classes taken, in the case of engineering degrees.

Reference letters help colleges see if anyone will vouch for you and who vouches for you. To ensure proper good institutional effectiveness the school would like to see that the student has already begun to network in the right places or that they are least networked. What a school many times does not want to deal with someone who creates problems everywhere they go and has no one willing to refer them.

Assessment results typically come from SAT or ACT achievement test. Schools that work with older non-traditional students will many times find other assessments because of the time lapse from when the student was in school and when they were last assessed. Although assessment results are important, they are a piece of the whole picture of the student’s ability and fit for an institution.

The experience admission requirement helps ensure that the student has the ability to perform the profession that the school will be teaching. Many degree programs do not have specific experience requirements, however, the experience aspect can be imperative for some degree programs. Several programs that require experience are MBA (Masters of Business Administration), MFA (Masters of Fine Arts), and other specialty programs for both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The admission requirements help the school identify ideal students for the their program. Many times schools find their specific niche appeals to a specific type of student looking for a specific program. Once the student and the programs for the school are identified, the school can create programs to increase the effectiveness of the pairing of the school and the student. For instance if a school specializes in educating under prepared students the college can create methods to help the student through programs, remedial classes, tutoring, and vocational preparation. The schools can also build sections of the needed training into the curriculum of the classes.

Continuous Improvement

The need for continuous improvement in the quality of higher education admissions will help universities to adapt to the changing needs of the school and students. The expectations for higher education have changed over the years to have a vocational emphasis, which merits different assessment of effectiveness than how education was assessed in the past. Quality in admissions will help align the goals for the school and student to accomplish the shared goals. For example the current trend of measuring education institutions by the percentage of graduates acquiring jobs in that should lead Universities to cultivate relationships with employers in the areas that the school specializes in.


Quality in admissions for higher education comes from proper alignment between the student and the school. This alignment should be cultivated in an enrollment and marketing plan that clearly articulates the unique programs the school offers and excels. The plan should also include the detailed segmentation of ideal students. The increased attention on higher education’s effectiveness comes from marketing schools as one sized fits all for one-sized fits all students. The needs for the alignment will change as the students needs change while at the same time different industries will change.

The difficult part would be to focus on unique programs instead of popular programs. For schools to stand out from other schools they must provide something in a way that another college does not offer. Many schools will want to offer the popular and general education courses to not loose potential students while at the same time they will need to place emphasis on their unique programs.

One of the challenges would be the impression of higher educations view of the admissions office. The admissions office needs to be able to advise schools on issues further than sales and marketing. Specifically, with higher education admissions, academics, institutional effectiveness, and educational rigor are all interconnected. The more emphasis that colleges place on their unique programs coupled with admission requirements that admit the best students for the programs will increase the colleges retention and institution effectiveness numbers. With better retention and institution effectiveness, the school will attract more ideal students, which will create a stronger program. Implementing quality seems difficult in the beginning and requires support from senior leaders. However, the difficulties are worth the results.

Strategies to Promote Your Small Business That Possibly You Will Not Have Considered

Whenever one has his personal independent business, they will promptly come to comprehend the fact that the proverbial buck ceases in their court. This type of man or woman doesn’t have the particular luxury of obtaining a wide array of sectors filled through other folks to consider during times of need of aid, as could possibly be the circumstance were these people employed by a more substantial organization. There is, as an example, simply no marketing division, simply no personnel management, or possibly repairs and maintenance. For that reason, it truly is up to the owner or simply manager with the firm to have to unstop the actual toilets, to accomplish the actual hiring, firing, coaching as well as patient adjusting associated with staff plus, to draw the actual public’s attention to his or her enterprise in practically any (positive) approach that they can find

Whatever sort of product or service your small business gives – it could be dentistry, veterinary services, vitamins or food – the need to get advantageous community attention is identical. Where in the past, all that was in fact needed in order to get to properly locate a business in the public’s attention had been a quarter page advert in the particular Sunday paper, currently marketing and advertising a company has grown to be far more sophisticated. As opposed to necessitating only one or two endeavors, quite a few are needed, and many of the applications accessible to the person given the job of obtaining enterprise reputation are significantly different from one another, which tends to lengthen the training curve on promoting an enterprise substantially.

Possibly the primary technique of attaining consideration and brand new clients today requires having a correctly improved, swift loading, eye-catching website that has the correct quantity of white area, an obvious as well as simple to comprehend layout, and also engaging information. Good SEO is vital, as well as a apparent call to action is additionally of great benefit. You can find more strategies to being seen that can also be found. Quite a few sites, such as HN Editors ( might feature your website on theirs to present you improved visibility. Sites just like let a small business to be able to partner via others of similar desires to get to draw in customers, much like the way that trade exhibitions (yet another good strategy) do. Utilizing a pay for each individual call advertising and marketing service for example can also be useful.

A lot of entrepreneurs have actually forgotten the power of the telephone within their pursuit to conquer the web, and this old-fashioned technique of communication, which is even now very much in use, is often under used in relation to soliciting clients. Rather than utilizing the particular phone pertaining to cold calling, a pay-per-call program including utilizes a mixture tactic, along with makes use of clients through the company’s web site to score a call. Though at the start higher priced than PPC marketing and advertising, marketing simply charges for those calls that the client himself makes to get hold of your business, and then limited to calls that last no less than a minute. A large and imaginative strategy to promoting is proven to get the maximum number of customers.

A Brief Rundown of Photos

Drones Will Elevate Your Skills In Photography

It is amazing to live in a world where technology is truly beneficial to all of us. Because of the technology we enjoy today, drones are now becoming well-known and is widely used. Drones are very useful and is looking to be the future of photography. Believe it or not, drones first started as a hobby but is widely used by professional photographers today. A drone is an amazing equipment that can capture beautiful and breathtaking shots from above. The internet is full of amazing videos containing aerial shots of gorgeous views like mountains, oceans, forests, and many others. In the past, the only way for you to achieve these kinds of shots is by renting a helicopter. In the past, helicopters were used in order to film big advertisements and even movies. Today, it is almost ridiculous to rent a helicopter and a pilot because the cost is too great. Invest on a good drone of you intend to take excellent aerial shots.

You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the brand and type of your drone. It is advisable that you only buy a cheap model if you are not yet familiar on how to fly one. In order for you to save money, buy the cheapest model of drone you can find because there is a huge possibility that your drone will crash as you are learning to pilot it.

Once you are now an experienced pilot when it comes to flying your drone, you can now invest on a more advanced drone that is able to carry a bigger camera. These advanced drones are the same equipment professionals use when they create amazing advertisements. Once you are now very familiar with your piloting skills, you can invest on expensive drones, these drones will take your photography skills to the next level. You even have the choice to purchase a drone that carries a Go Pro camera, always remember that the better your camera is, the better the quality of your shots will be.

Just search the internet once you have now decided to purchase a drone. Most manufacturers of these drones opt to have their own website. It is by visiting their website that we get to know more about the drones and even it’s manufacturer. You can do almost everything online, here, you can choose, purchase, and even get your drone delivered to your home address.

Experience the many advantages of taking shots with a good drone, invest on a good one today and take your hobby to the next level.

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The Packaging of Merchandise Will Be Its First Impression

A large number of customers can tell you that product packaging sells the product. Should they have different options among an item that is badly packaged and the other that’s safely packaged, they are going to simply select the second option. This really is true whether these people are acquiring a barbie plastic doll or possibly a cereal package. In the event that cereal carton is the least bit crushed, you can be positive they are going to decide on a different one. Much like individuals don’t want second-rate goods, they just don’t want to consider their brand new merchandise being distributed in a holder that would not safeguard it. Therefore, wrapping matters quite a lot.

If you wish to examine wonderful presentation, try this for a myriad of details. You’ll be very happy to uncover everything can be acquired regarding buyers. You desire your merchandise to sell and the best practice to accomplish that is always to have a good solution also to show it off it in the greatest presentation. Customers really want their goods to come in attractive packaging which has safely anchored the goods. In addition they desire to be able to open their particular item without having to proceed to the garage for tools. Good appearance is certainly sourced here and it could be of great benefit for just about any business planning to sell something to browse around.

Discover A Couple Of Benefits Of Going To A Seminar

Numerous people tend to enroll in workshops in an effort to improve their expertise inside their industry. This can be a fantastic way to understand much more and to grow to be far better at exactly what they do, but this is merely one of the benefits of going to injection molding seminars. On top of growing to be much better and also studying something totally new they can make use of within their own work, an individual could additionally interact with brand new folks and also network during and after the class. This may prove to be extremely helpful for many people.

The key reason someone might enroll in injection molding classes would be to understand far more regarding their job and manage to become much more qualified. This could help them in the event they are looking for a promotion as well as could make it easier for them to successfully get the job done. These courses cover more than just the basics and help a person discover as much as they can with regards to their own field and precisely how they can achieve much more. The courses are generally simple to squeeze into a lively schedule as well as seem excellent whenever somebody will be seeking a job promotion or even if they’re trying to find a brand new job.

In the event the person is actually searching for a brand new job, or even they may want to look in the near future, the scientific molding seminars might have an added benefit to helping them network. They’ll have the capacity to easily connect with more new individuals who are in the exact same industry yet could work for a different organization. They may wind up meeting individuals who are looking to hire a person or they may be in a position to discover job positions opening at a different company they could be interested in. Even just meeting completely new people today may result in new things in the future, even in the event there’s not anything available at this time, and can help them progress when they are all set.

If perhaps someone is interested in taking a workshop, they are going to desire to make the most of an organization that holds good quality courses along with dedicated instructors. Interested individuals need to have a look at today to learn much more about the courses that are offered as well as to find one that is right for them. Whenever the course begins, they’re able to take advantage of both of these benefits.

The Path To Finding Better Services

Tips When Hiring An SEO Company Are you searching for ways on how you will popularize your website online? If yes, then the first thing that you must do is look for reputable and responsible SEO company. The reason behind this is that, they are the one who would do the optimization of your site so by that, different search engines can see it quickly when a person started searching online. You on the other hand need to apply caution when choosing an SEO company because only then, you would gain complete benefits of SEO. Luckily, there are many ways that can help you find the right SEO company for your business, which will significantly boost your online presence and attract most customers at the same time. Tip number 1. Check the company’s expertise – does the company you are planning to hire has enough years of experience in doing SEO, what are the feedback of their clients after integrating their SEO services, can they provide you with the “before and after” results of the client’s website, how much has their search engine optimization service changed the business of their clients after 6 months of implementations? These are just some of the important questions that you must ask when approaching an SEO company.
Study: My Understanding of Experts
Tip number 2. SEO services being offered – normally, experienced SEO company offers suite of off-page and on-page optimization services that’ll encompass huge range of techniques that would be implemented in stages. Look to their list of techniques in order to figure out how they’ll implement them in your website.
The Essential Laws of Businesses Explained
In most instances, their SEO experts will be informing you regarding how they are planning to implement SEO techniques they deem suitable for your site, how long it is going to take and to when you could expect the results. You will be offered packages to which you can choose the service you need exactly. Tip number 3. Giving sound advice – any seasoned and experienced SEO company must tell you the significance of following the rules laid down by major search engines similar to Yahoo, Google or Bing. This is vitally important because these regulations keep on changing from time to time but, experienced SEO company always keeps tab of these changes and will follow them while implementing SEO techniques. In addition to that, take into account that just white hat SEO techniques are the acceptable form of SEO because it brings genuine attention to your page. This is an integral factor because if such techniques aren’t used, there is a possibility that your website can be ignored by the search engines causing its ranking to decline, which will then lead to lesser visitors and sales.

Installations – My Most Valuable Tips

The Many Conveniences of Riding with RV Solar If you’re already a lover of the recreational vehicle (RV) lifestyle, traveling from one corner of the universe to another, you have to consider if you’re not using solar because you’re usually not going to areas where you need it, or those areas are out of bounds for you because you don’t have solar. If life in an RV is an appreciable departure from the norm, RV solar installation is certainly a more significant lifestyle distinction. Your considerations of the places you can travel to changes once you’ve powered up your RV with solar. You beckon new joys whereby your organization does not border on hook-ups or power usage. Traveling with RV solar has so many benefits, including:
Why Energy Aren’t As Bad As You Think
When powered by RV solar, you may venture out into more remote places that provide panoramic sights and privacy as you go deeper into hitherto distant nature. The good news for you is the availability on public land of very many free, well dispersed camping choices. You may leave for entire seasons, crisscrossing from a camp to another, without the requirement to connect to external power, and having fun with priceless experiences more or less for free.
Lessons Learned from Years with Resources
You’ll encounter campgrounds that don’t provide for energy hook-ups, but when you’re powered by RV solar panels, residence in such camps becomes feasible. Contrasted with hook-up camps, sites without hook-ups tend to provide more enjoyable views, they’re cheaper, more accessible, and more exclusive. If you’ve been into the RV lifestyle for a while, chances are that you’ve practiced driveway surfing at least once. Folks like to driveway surf since this lets them temporarily live closer to friends or relatives while traveling without having to encroach or inconvenience them in a significant way. If you’re on a solar-powered RV, driveway surfing is an option that won’t require you to use your friend’s power sources and risk overwhelming their power or surging their energy bill. RV solar keeps your energy supply running and makes your experience less stressful in the case of a mechanical issue with your RV when traveling or killing time for a while in a parking lot. In addition, while you’re residing in a campground that’s developed with power connections, and unexpectedly power goes out, you’ll continue to enjoy life as normal, but you’re neighbors, they’ll need to power up a generator or just go without power. It won’t matter if you’re in motion or parked, you can still use your RV solar to charge batteries so long as there are sun rays hitting the panels on your roof. Your choices while on the go substantially improve with RV solar installation.

8 Lessons Learned: Computers

Some Information about Gaming Equipment

All over the globe, you will find computer addicts who are considered as game masters and these people use their computers for gaming reason only. There are various technological advances coming out regularly and this includes the update of the hardware of gaming computers too. One has even to spend thousands of money to avail of this upgrade and be satisfied with their gaming needs. The big number of users of gaming laptops, from teenagers to adults, made the way to the demand of the production of cheap laptops for gaming. Producers are taking advantage of this demand and so they are releasing these cheap gaming laptops as fast as they can, making you see these equipment sold practically everywhere in your area.

It is considered challenging to maintain a gaming capacity in a computer of small storage type. The combination of cheap laptop and with the right hardware is very difficult to provide a high quality gaming to a user. A huge hardware to fit a computer costs so high when sold in the market. The possibility of finding and buying a cheap gaming computer is often asked by consumers. Manufacturers are acknowledging this demand and need, and so they are able to develop this type of computer.

It is a fact that it costs thousands of dollars to obtain the best gaming laptops, but there are now available cheap laptops for sale that are equally capable and importantly not expensive. There are a few cheap gaming computers that are competing in its performance and costing as cheap as $1,000 or less.

One laptop is a multi-media model that is able to be a gaming machine and of which the hardware contains in two main pieces. The hardware of this laptop models has processors that can visually play on the screen with high quality graphic display. Excellent sound and high quality construction are the other features of this gaming laptop.

There is another model in the market that is an ultra-portable design and the gaming laptop has an eleven inch display screen. The main hardware of this model is an ultra-low voltage processor and a graphic. A base model would cost around $799 and is quite low in its power, and thus an upgrade is suggested with its CPU and video card would make a total of around $1,000 to make the model a powerful gaming machine. Additional features such as lighting scheme and back lit keyboard are included in this model, and game addicts find it really cool.

A gaming addict would surely love this other model with basic core processor and graphics that is said to contain more power than the others. The size of the display of this model is 15.6 inch and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and is considered very high enough to eats up its display resolution.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Quadcopters

Quadcopters and Drones 101 Have you enjoyed time to race a quadcopter? If not, you actually have absolutely no idea just how wonderful it is to work those units with meticulous reliability, by means of a remote control. But, after you do make an attempt to fly one, you will come across many problems to start with. That is because this kind of an aerial unit is rather advanced and it entails a lot of trial-and-error endeavors to learn the knowledge of controlling it faultlessly. In case you have tried your fate on soaring one or you’ve yet to undertake your very first 1 in the air, the next few paragraphs will help you learn the dynamics of soaring and develop your techniques so you can remarkably take pleasure in this hobby. Let me reveal an easy to follow information to understanding the art of piloting to make an impression on other individuals or merely have an enjoyable time flying recreationally. Components and Controls
On Quadcopters: My Experience Explained
For a start, you need to find out about various segments and elements a quadcopter is set up with. Basically there are three parts of a quadcopter: remote control, propellers, and fixed camera. A remote control or transmitter allows the pilot to command the quadcopter and modify its adjustments in line with your level. This unit needs to have battery power to operate.
Learning The Secrets About Products
Propellers twist and produce the take off; the more rapidly these twist, the more rapidly it moves. A quadcopter comprises four propellers. A digital camera is a non-obligatory component for several quadcopters that will be developed pretty much for a good time. However, in the event that your copter comes with a digital camera, you need to be very careful in its usage simply because several mishap and disastrous landing efforts might possibly destroy the camera lens and make it ineffective. One can find 4 control buttons that help people to operate a quadcopter airborne. They can be identified as roll, angle, yaw and throttle. Move and tilt get the unit glide left or right and frontward or backward. Because it is clear from the moniker, roll makes the quadcopter roll. Yaw, on the other hand, indicates turning the equipment left or right. Throttle would be used to regulate the hoist of the machine in air. You may bring it sometimes backward or forwards. Flight Settings The remote controller incorporates certain switches that could be pressed to fiddle with flight modes. Generally there are a couple of flight settings you can get with any quadrotor: manual and auto. In manual status, when you tilt the copter by means of the roll regulation and then release the stick, the copter would not resume its initial position. Rather, this will continue being tilted to the incline where you abandoned the stick. On the contrary, in automatic flight form, it auto-levels itself going back to its natural approach after the shift sticks are centered.

Lessons Learned About Technology

Technology and its Significance

Technology is very important in our lives now a day because it gives meaning to our lives hence it makes our lives easier and convenient because it has greatly affect our lifestyle and most parts of our whole society who also depends on technology. It is best to discuss the various benefits or importance that technology has given us people in our whole society and because of this, we must be really grateful on the things that we can achieve in an easy manner due to the help and creation of technology.

With the technological advancement that we have now a day, most hospitals and clinics in the health care industry have become very active in using the most advanced medical equipment to be able to advance as well the treatment procedures of various sickness. In the different society, there are now advanced medical equipment that are used to be able to detect the causes of different ailments and they are also able to prevent these ailments at an early stage to prong a person’s life today.

Another notable contribution of technology in our society is in the communication industry because the use of our smart phones and other communication devices have really brought up convenience and it is very easy now to communicate with our people in different parts of the world. The use of advance technology has also help office work places to become paperless because documents can now be scanned and saved in storage drives or in cloud drives eliminating storage of hard document copies which can be messy most of the time.

Technological advancement has also affected the use of telephone because instead of us using telephones, we are now using the mobile or cellular smart phones which can also be taken anywhere and anytime you want to talk to someone because it is very convenient for them. Technology has also affected the agricultural industry because the water irrigation system has also used the technological advancement to grow the plants and trees in a healthy way to be able to produce different crops so that people can have healthy food to eat.

The use of technology in the business industry is very significant for companies be it small or big because through the use of technology they can be able to carry out various operations or activities in a given day making the process in a rapid phase. It is very remarkable in terms of the effects and changes that technology has brought about in our society and they say that change is inevitable and this also goes to the technological advancement that is happening as years passed by and as more and more ideas and concepts on technology are being invented.

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What Research About Startups Can Teach You

What You Need to Understand About the Tech Startups

There has been that increased takeover of the startups across the different industries. There are a lot of corporations which are associating with the tech startup vendors to reduce costs and to increase the efficiency of the operations. Opportunities for tech startups which will revolutionize the future lies in particular industries.

An excellent investment category is the security. With the increased level of cyber threat, that is powered by sophisticated technology advancements in various work areas through using smartphones and the internet, you must know more about the rise of cyber threats.

You should also know that connectivity has also touched greater heights in different platforms and devices. This would result in the possibility an enhanced hacking potential by the cyber criminals. This also opened the doors for larger investments in the security technology that are related to the desktops, the mobile and the data centers for businesses and consumers across the many devices and connections.

Due to the reason that there are more tech startups which understand such trend, they can actually be prompted to invest in technical tools and software architecture by providing multi-level protection.

There is such upward movement in the adoption, expansion as well as evolution of big data. With the newly discovered vertical utilities of big data across the spectrum of industries, you should know that the big data is the next big thing. Big computing data would input across the mobile as well as the desktop which combines in order to produce data files. The data would also relate to the consumer behavior on a daily basis and this is going to help in technical analysis. This is actually the opportunity for tech startups to have the capability to analyze and also collate the data load in order to make actionable solutions for businesses as well as consumers.

The recovery of the lost, stolen or the corrupted data is also an area of opportunity for tech startups to flourish. There is that increased demand for help related to the inquiry of phishing and also financial fraud cases. Such would include criminal investigations or the recovery of vulnerable data from the hacked networks and devices.

You should know that technology has become prepared for more advancement in virtual reality. As what you can see now, there are various companies that are able to benefit from this technology. The big names also explore the opportunities in this.

The startups need to focus on making beautiful and functional user interfaces to improve the smartphone behavior. Increased usage of smartphones for work and the worker collaboration has increased with the culture of working on the go. Devices are being used now for work as well as remote working as well.

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